By Stephanie Kroll, principal of Kroll/Tomas Inc.

Below are a few pointers for before, during and after your event, program or promotion to facilitate the successful preparation of a comprehensive and well-executed MAXI entry. 

1. Take lots of photos at the event
You can’t take too many photos. Make sure that some of your photos are high resolution (at least 300 dpi at 5” x 7”). Remember, high-res photos can be made into low-res photos, but not the other way around.)

Your shoot list might include:

  • Images of the event site before the event
  • Images of the event site before the public arrives that show booths, stages, decor, etc.
  • Crowd shots and close ups of event guests partaking in the festivities
  • Shots of merchants participation at the event 
  • Marketing materials displayed onsite, and offsite if applicapable
  • Merchant participation, such as planning meetings, one-on-one meetings, etc.
  • Anything else that captures your attention! Once the event has been torn down, it's gone. So, capture the moments while you can. Better to have too many photos than not enough.

2. Take video at the event and at pertinent events leading up to the event.

3. Keep PDFs, jpgs or pngs of any advertising/marketing materials created.

4. Keep a copy any radio/TV spots created.

5. Collect any publicity you receive. Be sure to do screen captures of digital coverage because links may be gone when the time comes to prepare your entry. Save the links as well.

6. Keep memos, PowerPoints, and other outreach soliciting merchant participation.

7. Keep good records and create a recap as soon as the event, promotion or program is over.

8. Contact me early about preparing your entry. I’m looking forward to maximizing your chances to win a MAXI! Best wishes for implementing unique and successful marketing programs!