Award Winning ICSC MAXI Award Assistance

Get your acceptance speech ready.

You’ve already done the hard part, analyzed your situation, established goals, planned and implemented an amazing program, and collected the results.

Now it’s my turn! Show your contest entry in the best light, the spotlight! I have decades of experience in organizing, writing, and designing the required contest elements. I’ve prepared hundreds of finalists and winners. Even if they didn’t win, my clients come back year after year because they say my skills give them their best chance.

Let's MAXImize your entry’s opportunity to earn industry recognition.

Pro Tip

Use this check list to plan ahead for your MAXI entry.


1 initial draft of any/all of the following MAXI components: Description of Entry, Entry Summary, Images for Awards Presentation, Documentation, Online, and Audio and Video

3 revision rounds on the Entry Summary

2 revision rounds on Description of Entry, Images for Awards Presentation, Documentation, Online, and Audio and Video

The final components for your MAXI entry will be provided in a Dropbox and/or uploaded directly to the contest website.


Cost & Schedule

Description of Entry: $75

Entry Summary: $1,500
Images for Awards Presentation: $100
Documentation (up to 15 pages): $2,500*
Online (up to 5 hyperlinks): $25
Audio & Video (up to 2 hyperlinks): $25

* Estimated costs. I’ll provide a custom estimate based on your specific project.

Approximately 3 weeks. First come, first served basis.


Step 1
Inspired entries requires thoughtful input. I’ll give you a creative brief to complete. Next, we'll have a brief chat about it.

Step 2
I’ll write draft #1 of the Summary.

Step 3
I’ll incorporate your comments into draft #2.

Step 4
I’ll incorporate your comments into draft #2, the final Summary.

Step 5
I’ll prepare each of the additional requested components of your MAXI entry.

Step 6
I’ll incorporate your comments into draft #2, the final components.

Step 7
I’ll upload each approved component to the contest website for your final review. Once approved, you will submit your entry through the contest website.

MAXI Contest Entry assistance is based on the rate of $95/hour.

Fill out the form and tell me what you need.

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