Logo Design

You can only make a first impression once, so make it count.

Profound, right? You probably didn’t pay much attention to this little nugget when some not cool adult said it to your way cool younger self.

But, it’s true. Your logo, whether it's for a business, special event or product, is its public face and first impression. Let's put your best face forward.

Kid-a-palooza event logo on children's t-shirts.


3 initial logo design concepts

3 revision rounds on chosen design

Final logo delivered electronically in 4 file formats (PDF, EPS, JPEG & PNG)

1 secondary logo sized for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest


Cost & Schedule

Option #1
Company Logo: $1,300

(Heavily pictorial + text)

Option #2
Company Logo: $650
(Primarily text + graphic icon)

Option #3
Event Logo: $325

Approximately 3 weeks. Need it faster? Let me know.


Step 1
Inspired design requires thoughtful input. I’ll give you a creative brief to complete so I can learn about your business then follow it up with a call.

Step 2
I’ll provide 3 initial logo concepts within 2 weeks of our call.

Step 3
I’ll incorporate your feedback into draft #2 and send it to you within 1 week.

Step 4
I’ll incorporate your feedback into draft #3, the final logo, within 1 week.

Step 5
The final logo will be delivered in several screen and print-ready formats within 1 week. I’ll also provide a secondary logo, such as a stacked version if your primary logo is formatted horizontally.

Additional authorized work will be billed at $95/hour (one-hour minimum)

Fill out the form and tell me what you need.

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