Graphic Design: Shopping Center Event Marketing Package

Marketing Directors, Take Your Marketing Wish List from "To Do" to "Ta-da!"


Dear Shopping Center Marketing Directors,

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on the Shopping Center Industry.

You're on the front lines.

I want to help by offering down and dirty pricing on Shopping Center Event Marketing Packages.

I've been working with shopping centers since 1990 and know their value as community centers and employment hubs.

Stephanie Kroll

You're working harder than ever — helping your center's merchants apply for PPP, dealing with new safety protocols and political unrest, and developing sales strategies amid the constantly changing threat levels.

Whether you're having drive-in movie nights, social distancing outdoor concerts, or another type of event or promotion to drive traffic and sales during the pandemic, reach out to me for expert, affordable, quality marketing pieces.

As soon as you have the basic facts (who, what, when, where, why), let's start preparing the marketing materials.


  • 2 Initial branding concepts (usually developed as the event flyer)
  • 1 Round of edits to chosen design
  • Marketing pieces requested from the "Marketing Asset Wish List"
  • 1 Round of edits on additional marketing pieces
  • Final art delivered electronically in the appropriate file formats (PDF for print; JPEG & PNG for screens)
  • Note: A comprehensive Marketing Asset Wish List will be provided from which your marketing pieces must be selected.


  • #1: $693.50 / 5 marketing pieces
  • #2: $1007 / 10 marketing pieces
  • #3: $1320.50 / 15 marketing pieces
  • #4: $1630 / 20 marketing pieces
  • Any additional authorized work will be billed at $125/hr


  • Approximately 1-2 weeks.
  • Need it faster? Let me know.


Step 1

Inspired writing requires thoughtful input. I’ll give you a creative brief to complete then we'll chat.

Step 2

I’ll provide 2 initial brand concepts for draft #1 of the event flyer within 1 week of our call.

Step 3

I’ll incorporate your feedback into the selected concept and send draft #2 to you within 3 days.

Step 4

I’ll incorporate your feedback into the final flyer, create the companion pieces, and send them to you within 3 days.

Step 5

The final marketing pieces will be delivered digitally in several screen and print-ready formats within one week.


Need to have it printed?

I’ll send you an estimate based on your quantity, budget, and goal in-hand date.

Staff at Winston Plaza's Outdoor Concert Series wearing branded t-shirts and badges.

Fill out the form and tell me what you need.

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