What you want to say, only better. Break out your happy dance.

There’s an iconic scene in the movie “Sling Blade” where a young boy named Frank says, “I like the way you to talk.” to Karl, a partially handicapped man recently released from a mental hospital. Karl answers, “Well, I like the way YOU talk.”

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They connect because they communicate in a pure, honest, authentic voice. To build a trusting relationship with your customers, you need to speak to them in a voice that is relatable to them. That’s where good copywriting comes in.

When I write for you, I’ll take your information, drill it down, flesh it out, dress it up, and massage it. I’ll give it a personality that’s consistent with your brand, make sure it's grammatically correct and fits the space.

When it’s complete, you’ll say, “It’s like you read my mind.” Because I kind of did.


  • One initial draft
  • As many revisions as needed


  • $125/hr (1 hr minimum). I'll provide an estimate based on your specific project.


  • TBD based on your specific project.


Step 1

Inspired writing requires thoughtful input. I’ll give you a creative brief to complete then we'll chat.

Step 2

I’ll write draft #1 after our call.

Step 3

I’ll incorporate your feedback into draft #2 and send it to you within 1 week. We'll do this until you say it's perfect.

Step 4

The final copywriting will be delivered to you.


Need to have it printed?

I’ll send you an estimate based on your quantity, budget, and goal in-hand date.

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