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Stephanie Kroll

President of Kroll/Tomas, Inc.


It’s Tuesday, and you have what you need.

Meet Stephanie Kroll

My mom is a watercolor artist. One summer, 25-ish years ago, she took a painting workshop that changed MY life, and I wasn’t even there.

At the workshop, the instructor—a renowned local artist—told the students to select THREE THINGS from their stash of painting supplies. Afterward, they learned they could ONLY use those three items to create a painting to be exhibited and judged.

Shocked, the students grumbled they didn’t have enough colors, the right paper or brush. They needed more.

But the instructor said, “It’s Tuesday, and you have what you need.”

It wasn’t Tuesday, and he knew it. They didn’t need more—they wanted more. They had enough. It was an exercise in creativity and resourcefulness. It was permission to explore and a vote of confidence.

This lesson has resonated with me for decades. It negates excuses to delay projects, personal or professional, simply because I don’t THINK I have what I need. It infuses me with energy and enthusiasm to make magic with the resources available, even when limited by time, budget or other constraints.

So, I say to you, "It's Tuesday and you have what you need." And, I sincerely hope you’ll choose me as one of your “three things” to create your marketing masterpieces.


For 35+ years, Stephanie Kroll has provided quality marketing, graphic design, and copywriting services that uplift and empower small, medium, and large businesses.

She is intimately familiar with the challenges of juggling home and work, balancing budgets, meeting deadlines, and producing fresh content in an evolving marketplace.

A seasoned professional, Stephanie has honed a proprietary network of extraordinary resources necessary to efficiently implement a wide array of marketing projects from concept through successful completion.


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